Embark On a Life
Changing Journey

What I Do

I help young adults Identify their purpose and achieve their full potential!

Personal Coaching

Even the most organized and optimistic person faces walls that seem unclimbable, or dilemmas that seem to lead to a dead-end. 

Business Coaching

Studies have shown that business coaching can have a great impact on the development of entrepreneurs’ locus of control. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching can be very effective since it gives the participants the opportunity to share thoughts with other people.

“LEONTAS is a name that derives from the Ancient Greek name Leontios (my real full name), and it means a lion. A lion is a symbol of majesty, courage and strength and it is commonly referred as the “King of Beasts”. A lion never hesitates and always chases its pray or in our situation its goal.”

Leontios Papaloizou (Leo)

My Story

I am going to try and make this as short and simple as possible. My name is Leontios Papaloizou but friends call me Leo! I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus. Growing up I was always intrigued by three things. These are the love of travelling and exploring, the love of extreme sports and adrenaline rushing and the love of having the chance to help and influence people. After having some near-death experiences, I have realized life is too short to worry about staff that does not fulfill you. For this reason, I decided that I should create a website in order to have the chance to share with you my passions and insights and to help you chase your passions as well. 

This website is strictly created for people like me that want to experience every single moment that this life can offer, leaving this world with no regrets and unfulfilled dreams. In this website you will find pictures and stories from my travels and adventures, blogs that involve valuable tips that I use to be creative and productive and life coaching services.